Harmon Transportation Hails TMFleet as a Game-Changer in Fleet Management

In the high-stakes world of hotshot transport and urgent freight, time is not just money—it’s everything. That’s why, when Western Australia’s Harmon Transportation was on the lookout for a fleet management system that could be deployed swiftly, TMFleet emerged as the perfect solution.

Harmon Transportation, known for its diverse fleet of utilities and trucks, needed more than just a traditional tracking system. They sought a user-friendly platform that could streamline their operations without the cumbersome spreadsheets, offering a comprehensive overview of their fleet at a glance. Paul Konstek, the General Manager at Harmon Transportation, expressed the necessity for a system that could simplify fleet management to the extent that any team member could take the helm with minimal training. TMFleet rose to the challenge, delivering on this need and much more.

The search for an intuitive yet powerful software can be daunting. Many systems boast simplicity but fail at user accessibility. However, TMFleet stands out by making fleet management straightforward for everyone. It presents managers with a dashboard that not only alerts them to critical maintenance and renewal deadlines, like vehicle registrations or safety equipment checks but also integrates repair requests directly from drivers. This feature ensures that no detail, no matter how minor, escapes notice.

TMFleet’s cornerstone lies in its digital pre-start checks. Drivers can swiftly complete these checks via their mobile phones before operating a vehicle, machine, or truck, ensuring every ride meets safety and compliance standards. This process not only bolsters vehicle safety but also streamlines administrative duties, reducing paperwork and follow-ups for the operations team.

Kathy Smith, TMFleet’s Business Development Manager, highlighted how TMFleet automates numerous tasks for both drivers and fleet managers. From updating mileage records to generating repair requests from pre-start checks, TMFleet simplifies routine but crucial tasks. The system was developed after thorough market research, aiming to fill existing gaps and offer a solution that truly eases fleet safety, maintenance, and management.

One of TMFleet’s standout features is the customisability of its digital pre-start checks at no extra cost, a rare find in the market. It allows administrative users to tailor the system to their specific needs easily.

Konstek praised TMFleet for transforming their operations from paper-based to digital seamlessly. This switch not only simplifies reporting failures but also accelerates the resolution process. With TMFleet, pre-start checks are received in real time, enabling the immediate procurement of parts for any issues, thus ensuring swift resolution upon the vehicle’s return.

TMFleet is designed to accommodate fleets of any size, offering free access to businesses with fewer than ten assets and maintaining a straightforward pricing model devoid of setup fees, based on a flat monthly rate per asset. This approach underscores TMFleet’s commitment to simplicity and efficiency in fleet management.

For Harmon Transportation, partnering with TMFleet has marked a significant step forward in optimising their fleet operations, setting a new standard in efficiency and operational readiness.