Introducing Harmon Transportation C.E.O., Paul Harmon

Harmon Transportation

Hi, I’m Paul Harmon. Along with my wife, we are the directors of Harmon Transportation. A family-based urgent freight, up to 24 tonnes, delivery service for the WA and interstate mining industry located in Perth.

The Need For A Reliable Light Vehicle Courier Service

Harmon Transportation started after I witnessed first-hand the desperate need for a reliable, safe, 24/7 light freight courier company to support the mining industry.

Working in onsite workshops and operating various machinery, I experienced the avoidable downtime a site must undertake, halting production, waiting on a delivery for one part by heavy haulage, rail, or air. A part that a Ute, Van, Truck or Planes could courier that same day instead of waiting for delivery on a designated day that suits the transport company.

Many transport companies are closed at night, leaving the site with no option but to wait until the morning to organise the delivery of a new part.

I realised there is an urgent need for a courier service who is contactable after the usual office hours, to pick up the order from the shop as soon as they open in the morning or from a 24-hour corporate transportation company and immediately be on the road or in the air.

Harmon Transportation Enters The Market

So, after a short time away from the mines to help raise my children, Harmon Transportation opened its doors for operation. Our goal is to provide these much-needed services at a competitive price.
Our service guarantees swift and unparalleled transportation for freight up to 24 tonnes from the moment of pick up until delivery within WA and interstate.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the mining industry, my team and I understand the unnecessary cost, delayed downtime has on the production of a site. I love the mining industry and LV Hotshots is my way of helping prevent delayed downtime while staying connected to the industry.

Safety Is Our # 1 Priority

We are also committed to setting the benchmark for the highest safety and compliance standards in the industry. We constantly provide training to the team and strive for a no-incident performance. Our industry-leading safety procedures and protocols including our Fatigue Management Plan (FMP) and Journey Management Plan (JMP), will give you peace of mind that Harmon Transportation is compliant with all mining regulations, sets a high OHS standard, and regards road safety as our #1 priority.

Giving Back To The Community Is Important To Us

Giving back to the community is a passion of mine and one my wife and I instil in our kids. Through the success of Harmon Transportation, we provide financial support to local charities and aboriginal community groups.

As Harmon Transportation continues to grow, so will our ability to help more community groups and charities and open new opportunities for employment of more local people. When you trust Harmon Transportation to take care of all your light vehicle freight, you are choosing more than a great service.