You want to know that when you require a part to be picked-up by a transportation company and delivered to your site, everything will go as smoothly as promised.

Harmon Transportation was established because of the growing demand in the mining industry for a 24-hour delivery service for urgent freight.

This gap in the market for a service that guarantees swift and unparalleled transportation for freight up to 24 tonnes from the moment of pick up until delivery, has seen Harmon Transportation set the benchmark and quickly establish ourselves as the number 1 choice when it comes to safety and service at a competitive price.

Our Point Of Difference

Mine sites can’t afford to lose up to 7 days of production waiting for one part to arrive. Harmon Transportation point of difference is we use utes, vans and 24 tonne trucks by road, with the option of air freight if required.

The efficiency of our smaller vehicles accessing pick-up points and loading your cargo allows us to be out on the road, generally within the hour the same day, saving you money in downtime costs.

Our industry-leading 3-Step “ORDER-TRANSPORT-RECEIVE” 24/7 Service simplifies the process which all too often becomes
unnecessarily complicated with other courier.

All our vehicles are meticulously maintained, and our high safety standards mean our drivers exceed the mining and OHS compliance requirements.

Supporting Our Community

Harmon Transportation is very community-minded and likes to give back by providing financial support to The Pantry, a not-for-profit organization that provides food to those who are hungry, and by supplying sporting goods and other necessities to local Aboriginal communities and schools.

Environmentally Responsible

We believe every company has a responsibility to the environment. So, we encourage and are constantly developing new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, to become a sustainable, carbon-neutral transportation service business. A company others will want to emulate and be associated with.

Frequently Asked Questions About Harmon Transportation

1. Do you only transport light freight or do you also do heavy haulage?

Harmon Transportation only transports freight up to 24 tonne. We use Utes, vans and trucks so we can quickly get into the loading yard, pick-up your freight and be out on the road in a fraction of the time it takes to load a large truck. This means we will deliver your freight asap to prevent long downtime delays.

2. If I need only one part, like a hose, do you deliver that, or do I have to wait until you have a full load before you will deliver?

Harmon Transportation is committed to delivering your freight, even if it is only one hose, asap. We don’t wait around until we have a full load. Once we receive your delivery order, our driver will head to the location of your part, complete the pick-up and be on their way to your destination.

3. We operate around the clock. Is Harmon Transportation available 24/7?

Yes, we are. We understand mines don’t close when the sun goes down and parts can fail at any time. So, we are available any time of the day or night to deliver your light vehicle freight, 365 days a year. If the part you need is located at a 24-hour corporate transportation company, we can pick it up and be on the road within hours of your phone call. If the warehouse is closed overnight, we will be there first thing in the morning waiting for them to open. You can count on Harmon Transportation to keep your mine operating.

4. Downtime costs us money. Do you take days to deliver?

No, we don’t. In fact, we guarantee to pick up your freight immediately, weather permitting. This ensures your sites downtime is kept to a minimal without putting the safety of our drivers, or your freight, at risk.

5. Are you owned by a large corporate identity?

No. We are a family owned and operated business who employs local people. The company directors are a husband-and-wife team who live in Perth with some family members and long-time friends joining the organisation. This means we don’t have the overheads that large corporate transport companies do so we can pass our savings on to our customers resulting in cheaper freight fees for you.

6. Safety is very important to us. What is your safety policy?

Safety is very important to us as well. In fact, it is our #1 priority when it comes to our staff, our vehicles, and your freight. We will never compromise or cut corners on this assurance and will always, at a minimum, meet the mining and OHS compliance requirements. Our industry-leading safety procedures and protocols including our Fatigue Management Plan (FMP) and Journey Management Plan (JMP), will give you peace of mind that Harmon Transportation is compliant with all mining regulations, and sets a high OHS standard. All our drivers undertake specialized training which we constantly update to keep safety at the forefront of their mind. Our vehicles are regularly serviced and inspected for excessive wear and tear to keep them in great condition. This makes Harmon Transportation your number 1 choice for safety, reliability and price.

7. The environment is very important to us. Is Harmon Transportation environmentally friendly?

The short answer is Yes. We believe every company has a responsibility to the environment. So, we encourage and are constantly developing new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, to become a sustainable, carbon-neutral transportation service business. We want our kids and their kids to enjoy the natural beauty of the environment as much as we do.

8. We operate in remote areas of WA. Do you charge more to deliver to remote areas?

Some transport companies do but we don’t. We use a simple and straight-forward per kilometre method to quote a job. This way everyone knows the price before the order is accepted, and there are no hidden surprises in the fine print. The only time there may be an extra fee is if our driver is waiting longer than 1 hour at the pick-up location to be loaded. In this scenario, a Standing fee will apply on a per hour basis, and you will be notified immediately.

9. We have been caught out in the past waiting for days after the expected delivery date of our freight. Do you guarantee a delivery time?

Yes! We guarantee you will receive your delivery. As previously mentioned, because we primarily use small vehicles for urgent freight deliveries, it doesn’t take long for our vehicles to pick up their load and be on the road. The only reason for our delivery to not arrive on time will be because of the weather. Such as a bushfire, flood, cyclone, dust storm or regular storm that is too dangerous to drive in or has washed away the road. Once the danger has passed our driver will recommence their delivery.

10. We like to use transport companies that understand the mining industry. Do you have any experience in this industry?

Our team has over 20 years combined experience working in the WA mining industry. Harmon Transportation CEO, Paul Harmon witnessed first-hand the unnecessary delayed downtime waiting on a part to arrive has on productivity. The frustration was evident especially when it could take up to a week for one part to arrive. It was this understanding of the need for a light freight courier company who understand the mining industry, that led Paul to starting Harmon Transportation.

11. Is there any cargo you don’t transport?

Harmon Transportation specializes in transporting urgent freight up to 24 tonne for the mining industry. This means we don’t transport anything over 24 tonne. We transport by road or air depending on your individual freight needs.

If a family-owned, community-minded, safety-focused, reliable 24/7 transport company that specialises in delivering freight up to 24 tonne is what you are looking for, contact Harmon Transportation today.